Dana James


“Dana James is the voice of a storyteller.

You can hear the training in her voice… but she’s definitely no vocal student robot. She gives you the little bit of connection all listeners long to hear. You can feel her pain…

Dana James is a perfect example of the woman behind the curtain. Although sometimes in true pain, she still has a head bobbed, groove feelin’, smooth and rough attitude to share with the masses.”

– Crystal Mata, Spring Board South Music


Dana James is a fireball of passion and ambition.  “You might say there’s glitter in my veins,” boasts James, a Las Vegas native.  This passion for her craft is best showcased in the strength of her classically trained voice, as well as her honest lyricism.  James uses her music to freely express her experiences and turn them into something beautiful. “It’s always seemed like music is the only avenue where you can truly express the entirety of your emotions,” she says. “To really let loose and envelope yourself in all that you are processing and to say what you need to, gracefully.”

Armed with an arsenal of experience that includes 10+ years as a classically trained opera singer and the life experience of visiting 17 countries before the age of 15 as a People to People Student Ambassador, it was no surprise when she was accepted into Berklee College of Music, where she learned to blend her classical style into a more contemporary one. From there she went on to build a music career that embodied everything she believed in. In short, there is nothing that Dana James sets her mind to that she can’t accomplish. “I find that I’m apt to be passionate about everything I do,” she says. “I don’t know how to turn the knob down from 100%”

In her latest EP release, White and Black, praised by Spring Board South Music as “a perfect example of the woman behind the curtain,” James’ talent is on full display, giving her soulful blend of pop and funky blues coupled with candid lyrics a place to shine. Each song on the track shows the listener who exactly James is and what it is she cares most deeply about. She is fierce, she is strong, and she is not to be missed. It is through her raw honestly that James hopes her music will not only inspires others, but challenge them to observe their world in a different way.


For fans of: Tina Turner, Mariah Carey, Adele


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